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Concierge Physical Therapy and Wellness Services

Providing Physical Therapy and Wellness services for injury, pain or prevention! Schedule a Free Phone Consultation with the button below.

Women Walking

Stay Active no matter where you are in life!

Michelle D.

"Kelly is amazing! She is professional, knowledgeable, and a joy to see. Not only is dry needling helping me, she has given me movements I can do at home, helped troubleshoot my body, and introduced me to other treatments as well. I’m excited to keep seeing her regularly!"

Abby B.

"Kelly is amazing to work with! From her experiences and expertise, she was able to help relieve pain I had been having in my lower back. She was also able to provide me with techniques that I could do on my own which was super helpful. Highly recommend :)"

Lindsey T.

"Kelly was amazing to work with! I was struggling with some different issues postpartum and finding Kelly and her knowledge was the best thing I could have found to help me rebuild my pelvic floor and core. Anytime I came to a session with a new issue she had just the right exercises and stretches to help get me back to my pre-baby self."

Stay Active Physical Therapy and Wellness Services

How It Works?

1. We find the root of you pain or injury through assessment.

2. We provide treatment to get you out of pain and feeling better.


3. We teach you techniques, exercises and strategies to keep you out of pain and back to Staying Active!

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