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Staying Active is a Balancing Act

We have all heard the old adage or something similar to “Life is a Balancing Act”. I can even admit that I have used a similar saying, “Everything in Balance”! Between jobs, family, kids, obligations, we are looking at our full plates and asking ourselves, “How do I fit anything else in?!?” We may read an article in our news feed or watch the latest health expert on TV discuss the importance of taking care of ourselves including our physical and mental health – but how do we add this on top of everything else we have on our list of to-do’s?

As a mom, wife, healthcare professional, friend and now entrepreneur – I completely relate! How do we manage to do everything we want to do and live an active, healthy life we can enjoy? The answer is simply stated – we cannot do it all. We were not designed to. But I aim to encourage you by saying there is so much we can do to be present for our families, perform at work, engage in friendships, take care of our bodies and minds and enjoy life!

When we want to perform or exercise, it requires movement and strength from our bodies and our best results are achieved from a balance of strength, flexibility, endurance and mobility. Not to mention, it actually requires balance to move! Try doing a deadlift, picking up something heavy from the floor or lifting something over your head without balance and where will you end up? On the floor! Balance is so important with all movement.

Staying Active is a Balancing Act. Staying Active is defined a little differently by each one of us. No matter how we define it, staying active is important for our overall health and balance is required to keep us moving. This is possible, no matter who you are!

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